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Exactly What To Look For In Men’s Fashion In 2013

Fashion trends for men are fulled of surprises this year. Not only are metallic and fluorescent colors making a return this year, we will also witness a resurgent skater boy style. These trends are going to take the world of fashion by storm. These styles are varied and can fit everybody’s tastes. Metallic and fluorescent can be incorporated into nearly every design of clothing, official and laid-back, and the skater boy style is expecteded to make a statement. We will first chat about the effect of the skater boy design and later on, we will move on to metallic and fluorescent. While skater boy will be the significant style, there will be signs of metallic and fluorescence in it too. So the entire look this year is a compact.

Exactly What To Look For In Men's Fashion In 2013

The skater boy design first emerged as a part of street style. Called after the traditional method in which skaters style themselves, this style not just helps motion but it also enables the body to breathe. Both liberty of movement and comfort are of utmost significance to skaters. So the garments that generally form a part of this look are- baggy jeans, shorts, loose shirts, big T-shirts, and so on. In the contemporary skater boy style, prints kind a vital part of the garments. T-shirts can have classic print, camouflage print and fluorescent graphics. Prints in themselves are style statements. The t-shirts must evoke grit and determination, as that’s exactly what skaters are mainly about. Loose knit sweatshirts can also be used when it is cold. However, jackets with hoods are more in sync with the skater boy appearance. Denims can be loose, but those that have been acid washed/bleached/ripped will also look terrific. Even sweats are terrific. However shorts are the perfect bottom wear. Shorts are comfortable, particularly on hot, humid days. For this design, men can also put on baggy denim shorts, or basketball shorts. They are perfect for swift movement and particularly for the credibility of the look. Chinos are likewise excellent to include a touch of retro to the skater boy appearance. They have just recently become extremely popular amongst both sexes. Chinos are terrific due to the fact that they are ideal for semi- formal clothes too.

When it comes to metallic colors, they showcase greatly in the skater boy appearance. Designers like Astrid Anderson have gone on incorporate satin and high fabric with this style. T-shirts with metallic layering and detailing make a big part of their collection. Apart from metallic, neon and fluorescent colors also made a substantial splash all over the men’s runway this year. T-shirts by Shaun Samson have abstract neon prints that do make a huge effect on the wearer’s personality and the impression therefore formed. Metallic colors did not attribute in accessories. Instead, it is neon colors that have become an inseparable part of the add-ons. Baseball caps, sweat-bands, socks and bags in funky colors have showcased on runways. They are also now extensively readily available in stores.

As for footwear, canvas shoes, loafers or various other flat soled shoes have maintained their place in guys’s style. These shoes are omnipresent on the planet of fashion. They are not only comfy but likewise suitable for real skateboarders.

The skater boy look will stay throughout the year. There is something for all seasons.

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